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Care and Maintenance

1. Knotwood powder coated aluminum - a good choice.

Your Knotwood is factory pre-finished in long-lasting electrostatically applied powder coating.  A combination of painstaking preparation, careful workmanship, and the latest technology have come togehter to bring you your powder coated Knotwood product.  Powder coating is one of the most durable colour coatings available and with very little effort on your part will provide many years of excellent service.  Knotwood powder coatings are maintainable for an indefinite period under normal enviromental conditions, provided that the recommended care and maintenance practices are followed.

2. Regular washing is the key to looking smart.

To maintain the good looks of your Knotwood finish is very much like looking after a new car - a regular wash keeps your investment in smart condition.  Washing wish a soft brush and mild pH neutral detergent followed by thorough rinsing with fresh water will ensure that substances such as airborne salts, dirt and pollutants detrimental to the long term performance of the powder coated film are removed.  Where the atmosphere is deemed to be non-hazardous such as rural or normal urban enviroments, cleaning must take place at least every 12 months.  In areas subject to high pollution such as industrial areas, geothermal enviroments or coastal enviroments then the cleaning frequency should be increased to every three months.  In particularly hazardous locations such as beach fronts, severe marine enviroments or areas of high industrial pollution the period between cleaning should be reduced to monthly.

3. What to do about paint splashes.

Painting around your house exterior may cause paint splashes to mar the appearance of your Knotwood.  Such splashes should be removed with fresh water immediately.  Using solvents on your joinery puts it at risk of damage.  If paint splashes need to be removed then White Spirits may be used provided that the surfaces are thoroughly washed with a soft brush and milk pH neutral detergent followed by thorough rinsing with fresh water immediately afterwards.  IT is recommended that the solvent be tested for suitability on a non-visible powder coated section prior to its use.


WARNING: Strong and abrasive household cleaners and solvents such as those recommended for thinning various types of paints such as MEK or paint thinners are harmful to powder coating and must not be used for cleaning purposes under any circumstances.  Acidic, alkaline or alcohol-based cleaning products should not be used either.

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