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Aluminium Privacy Screens

knotwood wrc gate (8)

Everyone wants privacy in and around the home and with Knotwood's privacy screens you can have as much or as little privacy as you require.


Designed with security and ventilation in mind, Knotwood aluminium privacy screens can create the perfect combination of design and airflow that is just right for your outdoor area.  Whether you are looking for a semi private pergola screen with great ventilation or you need to total privacy from the yard next to you, we have a range and style to suit.


In fact, with Knotwood's privacy screens you are only limited by your imagination, with variuos slat sizes to choose from you can create a vast amount of designs and colour combinations.  And it doesn't stop there...


As Knotwood's aluminium privacy screens are made to order (or you can DIY), you choose the spacing between slats, you choose the height of your screen, you can have an adjustable privacy screen, you choose the angle of your slats and if our Knotwood wood look colour range doesn't suit your home you choose a custom powder coat colour for your privacy screen and Knotwood will make it for you!  All the choices are yours so you can create a unique privacy screen just for your home.


We offer complete flexibility not only in design, but also in choices of colour, styles and sizing.

  • Non-toxic

  • Non polluting

  • 100% recyclable

  • Low carbon footprint

  • No VOC emissions

  • Low maintenance

  • Marine grade aluminium

  • LEED Credits

  • 20 Year Warranty

  • Systems engineered for cyclones / hurricanes

  • Concealed fastenings systems to hide rivets and screws

  • Tough knotwood powder coat finish

  • Unlimited designs

  • DIY assembly for easy installation

  • Colour matched accessories

  • Matching Hardware range

  • Privacy Screens

  • Garbage Surrounds

  • Pool Pump Surrounds

  • Air Conditioner Surrounds

  • Balustrade screening

  • Carport & Garage Screening

  • Commerical Screening

  • Gables & Decorative Screens

  • Patio & Deck Screening

  • Amenities Screening

  • Window Screens

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